Aug 14, 2017

Use the Apply Licenses screen to unlock applications so that you can view them in the application and remediation views of the reports included with your license. Whether you need to do this depends on what type of license you have:

  • If you have a full AppDNA license (rather than an evaluation or trial license), most of the time you do not need to unlock your applications, because AppDNA automatically unlocks them during analysis, up to your purchased application limit. After you have reached your limit, you can unlock a few more applications (up to 10% of your purchased limit) in this screen. This additional allowance is called the license reserve.
  • If you have an evaluation or trial license, you can choose whether AppDNA unlocks the applications automatically during analysis or you unlock them yourself in this screen. When you evaluate AppDNA, you typically import more applications than you have licenses for, and then use the EstateView and Effort Calculator to get an overview of the state of your application portfolio. You can then unlock a few applications to get an understanding of the richness of the detailed information that AppDNA can provide about individual applications. You may find it useful to carefully choose which applications you want to unlock, rather than leave it to AppDNA to do this automatically.

To open the Apply Licenses screen:

  • From the AppDNA menus, choose Manage > Licenses.

The Apply Licenses screen lists the applications in your portfolio and shows the number of licenses used and unused. There are columns for the reports in each of these modules and to the left of these, there is a Licensing column. This shows whether the applications have been unlocked for that module – an empty check box indicates that an application is locked and a check mark indicates that the application is unlocked.

Select the Show all check box on the toolbar to swap between showing all applications for all modules and only those that are locked (the default).

For general information about AppDNA licensing, see Licenses.

To auto-unlock applications

Auto unlock unlocks a representative sample of your application portfolio based on the RAG status – aiming for 50% green, 25% amber and 25% red.

  1. From the AppDNA menus, choose Manage > Licenses.
  2. On the toolbar in the Apply Licenses screen, click Auto Unlock.

To unlock an application manually

Caution: Ensure that you do not unlock desktop applications for any web applications.

  1. From the AppDNA menus, choose Manage > Licenses.
  2. In the list of applications in the Apply Licenses screen, find the application or applications that you want to unlock.
  3. For each application that you want to unlock, select the check box in the column that represents the reports that you want to view.
  4. Click Manual Unlock on the toolbar.