Application attributes forms

Aug 14, 2017

Application attributes forms allow you to create named collections of attributes useful for tagging applications with meaningful internal IDs that can be used to classify applications. Use these internal IDs to tag apps (for example, license costs and renewal dates), then group them into logical containers (forms) which are then available in the properties of an application.

Create an application attributes form

1. From the AppDNA menus, select Configure > Application Attributes Forms.

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2. Click on the + icon, then specify a name for the application attributes form.

3. Click Save.

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4. Select Create attribute, and add new attributes. For example, Renewal Date (Data type: Date) and Annual Cost (Data type: Number).

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You can also create new attributes in Configure Attributes. These will be displayed on the right-hand side along with any new attributes you create within Application Attributes Forms.

5. To build the form, drag attributes from the right-hand side and drop them on form designer on the left-hand side. These attributes will appear dynamically and can change based on the values assigned to each application.

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After adding application attributes, you can add additional attributes which are common to all applications. For example, a link to a web site or a label. These are Common elements. Previously defined elements shows a list of common elements which have already been configured and saved. You can add these to any Application attributes form.

6. To add a common element, drag it from the right-hand side and drop it on the form designer, for example Link.

7. Specify the Name, Caption, URL, Link text and click OK.

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8. Click Save.

Viewing application attributes forms

You can view the application attributes form and update the attributes in Applications Applications List, right-click and select Properties. The attributes and common elements which you defined in the Application Attributes form are grouped together in a new tab.

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You can also view application attribute forms from the AppDNA web client. From the web client, select Applications, highlight an application and select Properties.