Report and license summary

Aug 14, 2017

The AppDNA dashboard shows the total number of desktop and web applications that have been imported. It also includes summaries that show the state of your application portfolio for each report and the licensing status.

To open the dashboard, click the Dashboard link in the upper right corner of the screen.

Report summary

The Report summary section shows the overall state of the application portfolio for each active report.

The pie charts show the proportion of relevant applications that have an overall red, amber, green, and unanalyzed status for that report. Relevant applications are all desktop (Windows) or web applications, depending on the report. The red, amber, and green status includes all applications that have been analyzed for the report, regardless whether they are locked (unlicensed) or unlocked (licensed) for that report.

The horizontal bars show the number of applications that have been analyzed for the report and how many of these are stale. The application status moves from the analyzed state to stale when a change occurs that makes the stored reporting data out of date, such as when you activate additional algorithms for that report.

Module license summary

The Module license summary section shows a list of the modules included with your license. For each module, the following information is shown:

  • The module name.
  • The date the license expires. Related reports will not be visible after this date.
  • The number of application licenses that have already been used.
  • The number of available application licenses. These are licenses that have not yet been applied to an application.

When all of the available licenses have been used, you can manually unlock a few additional applications (up to 10% of the licensed limit) in the Apply Licenses screen. This additional allowance is called the license reserve.

What are inactive licenses?

An inactive license is a license that has been applied to an application that has now been deleted. The license is not available for other applications. By default, the license is automatically re-applied to the application if it is re-imported (desktop applications only). See Fingerprints for more information.