Forward Path

Aug 14, 2017

Forward Path is a powerful business decision engine in AppDNA that makes it easy to model different deployment scenarios and their impacts. Forward Path is controlled by scenario and task scripts, which you create in the Forward Path Logic Editor. See Forward Path for more information.

Using Forward Path, you can create scenarios that reflect organizational decisions and run task scripts based on the results. For example, when preparing a migration to Windows 7, you could create a Forward Path scenario to determine which applications are suitable for deployment as App-V packages, which should be deployed to the desktop, and which require redevelopment. By associating task scripts with the scenario, you could automate the App-V sequencing, for example.

Forward Path report sample

To open Forward Path, from the side bar, choose Reports: Applications > Forward Path.

To change the scenario, click Change scenario on the Options toolbar, and then select the scenario you want to use from the drop-down list.

Other options that are specific to Forward Path are:

  • Detailed Report – Select this check box to view a detailed report. Clear this check box to view a condensed report.
  • Evaluate Tasks – Click this button to open the Forward Path Task Sequencing screen where you can run any task scripts that are associated with the selected Forward Path Scenario.