Active Directory and Configuration Manager issues

Aug 14, 2017

“Access is denied” error

The “Access is denied” error can occur when you enter the Active Directory or Configuration Manager connection details or when you extract data using that connection.

Typically this error occurs for one of the following reasons:

  • The user account does not have the required permissions, as described in Requirements for optional features.
  • Distributed COM (DCOM) is not enabled on the computer from which you are trying to connect to Active Directory or Configuration Manager. For information, refer to Enable or Disable DCOM.

“Failed to load file” error

When importing managed applications that have been deployed through Configuration Manager, AppDNA requires access to the installation files. Typically this is achieved using UNC paths and access to file server shares is through Active Directory domain authentication. If an import fails and the import log contains a message similar to the following, examine the installation file path and ensure that it is accessible to AppDNA. For Install Capture imports, the installation files must also be accessible to the Install Capture virtual machine.

Failed to load file: <MSI file name> due to error The system cannot open the device or file specified.

Failed to load file: <MSI file name> due to error Access is denied.

The failure could be a result of running AppDNA under a Windows user account that does not have access to the required network shares. It could also be a result of paths expressed using drive letters rather than UNC paths. The required drive letters must then be mapped to the correct network share for the import to be successful. When using Install Capture, you need to do this on virtual machine.