Upgrade a database

Aug 14, 2017

Note: If you have multiple databases, perform these configuration steps for each database.

  1. Upgrade your database software if it does not meet the System requirements.

  2. Stop AppDNA clients before running the configuration wizard.

    When necessary, an upgrade performs an IIS reset. An IIS reset terminates import and analysis sessions on running AppDNA clients connected to a web server that hosts both the AppDNA web site and database.

  3. If the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard is not already open, from the Windows Start menu, choose Citrix AppDNA > Management Tools > Configure AppDNA.

  4. Select Upgrade installation.

  5. On the Choose Database page, select the database you want to upgrade, optionally select Backup, and then click Next.

    To validate the license, AppDNA checks both the expiration date of the Platinum license and the Subscription Advantage maintenance contract. If the Subscription Advantage date has expired, the AppDNA Configuration wizard contacts the Citrix License server originally used to activate AppDNA and refreshes the license.

  6. Click Next to start the system check. If a system check fails, refer to System Check issues.

  7. Click Upgrade to start the database upgrade. This takes some time.