Upgrade AppDNA tools

Aug 14, 2017

When you upgrade AppDNA, you also need to upgrade any tools that you use: Install Capture, Self-Provisioning, and Web Application Capture.

When you install AppDNA, the following installers are provided:

  • Citrix AppDNA Self-Provisioning Client.msi
  • Citrix AppDNA VM Configuration.msi
  • Citrix AppDNA Web Application Capture.msi

By default they are installed to the following folder.

Platform Location of installers
32-bit C:\Program Files\Citrix\AppDNA\Tools
64-bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\AppDNA\Tools

Install Capture

If you use Install Capture, create a new virtual machine snapshot that has the new version of the Citrix AppDNA VM Configuration MSI installed within it and update your virtual machine configurations accordingly. To do this:

  1. Log on to the virtual machine.
  2. Start the Windows Task Manager.
  3. In the Windows Task Manager, click Remote Admin on the Applications tab, and then click End Task.
  4. Uninstall the current version of the Citrix AppDNA VM Configuration tools using Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  5. Install the new version of the Citrix AppDNA VM Configuration.msi.
  6. Take a new snapshot of the virtual machine.
  7. Run the Virtual Machine Configuration Wizard to update your virtual machine configuration to use the new snapshot.

For information about configuring the virtual machine for Install Capture, see Install Capture.


If you use Self-Provisioning, install the new versions of the Citrix AppDNA Self-Provisioning Client and Citrix AppDNA VM Configuration MSIs on the Self-Provisioning client machine. Uninstall the previous version of the tools before installing the new ones. For more information, see Install the Self-Provisioning client.

Web Application Capture

If you use the stand-alone Web Application Capture tools, uninstall them and then install the new version of the Citrix AppDNA Web Application Capture MSI. For more information about these tools, see Installing the Stand-alone Web Capture Tools.