Product Documentation

Fixed issues in AppDNA 7.8

Feb 24, 2016

The following issues have been resolved at this release of AppDNA:

  • AppDNA should write NetBIOS names to the domain user while importing from Active Directory (AD). 

In previous releases, when a user's DNS and NetBIOS names were different, importing users from AD would result in a login failure.

  • OS image import was blocked. The load task on the server failed.
  • Loading a captured OS snapshot (captured with the latest snap shot function) that is larger than 1GB in size may fail with an out of memory exception when using the queue processor.
If this occurs, turn off the queue processor and retry.


AppDNA no longer supports running without the queue processor. Several major causes of 'Out of memory' exceptions occuring with large OS snapshots have been resolved in this release.

  • This release resolves a number of known issues related to Frameworks not fully imported into the AppDNA database.
  • This version of AppDNA resolves a number of performance related problems related to batch exports on large databases.