AppDNA 1906

AppDNA is the application migration component of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium edition (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum edition). AppDNA enables enterprises to discover, automate, model, and manage applications for application migration, virtualization, and streamlined application management.

For example, AppDNA helps accelerate application migrations to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 by predicting potential issues and showing a clear path to application compatibility on the new operating system.

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Import, analyze, and report

AppDNA performs automated analysis of the compatibility of applications with a variety of platforms. Each supported platform is represented by a separate report that contains a set of algorithms that validate the suitability and performance of applications in a specific target environment.

AppDNA process overview

Import - Applications are the raw material for AppDNA - so before you begin, you need to import them. When you do this, AppDNA interrogates each application’s files, registry entries, and API usage to expose the application’s “DNA”. AppDNA then loads this into a SQL Server database. You can import desktop and Web applications of any type - whether internally developed or supplied by an independent software vendor (ISV).

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Analyze - When you start the analysis process, you select the reports that correspond to the platforms against which you want to test your applications. AppDNA combines all of the information it has about the application portfolio and runs the report algorithms against the application DNA and produces and stores the reporting data.

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Report - After the import and analysis processes have completed, you can view the reporting results. AppDNA presents the results of the analysis in a set of report views that provide the information that you need to plan, fix, and test your application portfolio.

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AppDNA 1906