Web site credentials

In the AppDNA Web Site Credentials step in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard, you specify the credentials that the AppDNA web site uses internally when connecting to the database. In a production system, Citrix recommends that you use an AppDNA-specific service account that has a password that does not expire.

Note: The AppDNA web site referred to here is part of the AppDNA product – it is not an external web site. The AppDNA web site enables local intranet users to view reporting results from the AppDNA web client. This does not require the installation of any AppDNA software.

Configure a local service account for me – (Available only if the SQL Server installation is on the local machine and the logged on user has permissions to create a Windows user account.) This option automatically configures a Windows user account called AppDNASvcAccount on the local machine. If this account does not already exist, the wizard creates it and generates a random password that does not expire. This option is the default if it is available and you are configuring a new AppDNA server installation or creating a new database.

If necessary, the generated password can be reset later by a local administrator in Control Panel > User Accounts. However, if the password is changed in this way, you then need to reconfigure the web site to use the new password.

Use these credentials – In this option you enter the credentials that you want the AppDNA web site to use internally when connecting to the database.

  • Authentication type – This determines the authentication mechanism to be used when the AppDNA web site connects to the SQL Server database.
    • Windows authentication – In this type of authentication, the AppDNA web site uses the user account under which it is running to connect to the database. You can specify the user name and password of the account you want the AppDNA web site to run under. Citrix recommends that in a production system, this is a service account that has a password that does not expire. For an installation using trial mode, you can typically use the currently logged in user account.

      This account must have local administrator privileges as described in Prepare to install.

    • SQL Server authentication – This type of authentication uses specific SQL Server logon details, which you enter below.

  • User name – If you chose SQL Server authentication, enter the user name that the AppDNA web site is to use to connect to SQL Server. If you chose Windows authentication, specify the domain-qualified Windows username – for example, domain\username.
  • Password – If you entered a user name, you must enter the account password. If the user account does not have a password, you need to set up a password for the account before proceeding.

Web site credentials