Add Existing Database

In the Add Existing Database step in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard, you select an existing AppDNA database to add to your AppDNA web site. For example, you can use this feature to add an old database that is located on a different SQL Server machine to your AppDNA web site. The wizard will automatically upgrade the database if necessary and create a site that you can use to connect to the database within AppDNA.

Server name – Enter this as Machine\Instance, where Machine is the name of the machine that hosts the SQL Server installation and Instance is the SQL Server instance if a named instance is in use. If a named instance is not in use, omit the backslash (\). If the SQL Server uses a non-standard port, specify it using the Machine,Port notation, where Port is the custom port number.

Authentication – In this section you enter the credentials for connecting to SQL Server. Regardless which authentication method is in use, the user must have the bulkadmin server role and db_owner database role.

  • Windows authentication – This type of authentication uses the logged on Windows user account when connecting to the database.
  • SQL Server authentication – This opens two additional prompts:
    • User name – Enter the user name to use to connect to SQL Server.
    • Password – Enter the password to use to connect to SQL Server.

Connect – Click to connect to SQL Server. The wizard then lists the names of the AppDNA databases on the specified server in the Database drop-down list.

Database – Select the name of the database you want to add to your AppDNA installation. If necessary, the wizard will automatically upgrade the database.

Click Next to move to the next step.

For step-by-step instructions for opening the Add Existing Database step, see Add an existing AppDNA database

Add Existing Database