License Database

In the License Database step in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard, you can activate a license or choose to run AppDNA in trial mode. In AppDNA, licenses are applied to the database and control which features you can use.

Run in trial mode – (Not available if the trial period has expired.) Select this option if you want to run AppDNA in trial mode for up to 30 days. This provides no limit to the number of applications that you can import and for which you can view the EstateView and Effort Calculator reports views. However, you can only see results in the other report views for up to five applications.

Activate a XenDesktop or XenApp Platinum license – Select this option to activate AppDNA using a Platinum license.

  • Platinum license server machine – Enter the host name or IP address of the machine on which the Citrix License Server is installed.
  • Port – Enter the license server port. By default, this is 27000. However, sometimes a different port is used. If in doubt, contact the XenDesktop or XenApp administrator.


  • Activating your license may involve an IIS reset. Therefore, stop AppDNA clients before activating your license. An IIS reset makes any other web sites hosted by IIS on this server unavailable for a brief interval. An IIS reset terminates import and analysis sessions on running AppDNA clients connected to a web server that hosts both the AppDNA web site and database.
  • You cannot activate a trial license on a database that already has a retail license activated.


Use the Advanced button if the AppDNA license server is running on a different machine or if you need to specify a different port.

Server name or IP address – This defaults to localhost. If the AppDNA license server is installed on a separate machine, enter the host name or IP address.

Port – By default the AppDNA licensing service uses port 8079.

  • If this is a new installation and this port is already in use, you must reconfigure the license server to use another port and enter that port number here. For more information, see Licensing issues.
  • If the AppDNA license server has already been configured to use a different port, enter that port number here.

License Database