Advanced Licensing

The Advanced Licensing step in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard shows the state of the AppDNA license server.

Server machine name – Specify the name of the AppDNA license server machine.

Port – Enter the AppDNA license server port. This defaults to 8079 and typically you do not need to change it.

Connect – Click to connect to the AppDNA license server. This populates the page with information from the AppDNA license server and lists the individual licenses.

To view the details of a specific license, select it in the list, select View License from the drop-down list and then click Perform. This displays detailed information about that license. This corresponds to the information shown on the Inspect License page.

To open the Advanced Licensing step

  1. From the Windows Start > Programs menu on the AppDNA server machine, choose Citrix AppDNA > Management Tools > Configure AppDNA.
  2. In the first step in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard, choose Licensing, and then click Next.
  3. In the License Management step, choose Advanced, and then click Next.
  4. In the Choose Database step, choose the database, and then click Next.

Advanced Licensing