Export Transfer Token

The Export Transfer Token step is part of the license transfer procedure in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard. In this step you export the database license token to a file, which you later import back into the database after you have installed the AppDNA license server on the new machine. See Transfer Licenses for an overview of the license transfer procedure.

The options are:

Transfer token file path – Specify the name and location for the exported license token file.

License server machine name – Specify the name of the new AppDNA license server machine. The exported license token will be tied to this machine. You must specify this correctly, or the database will become permanently unusable. If you do not yet know the name of the machine on which the AppDNA license server will be installed, cancel the export now and start it again when you are sure of the machine name.

Click Next to export the license transfer token. AppDNA then asks you to confirm that you have specified the new AppDNA license server name correctly. When you confirm, the Export License step opens.

Export Transfer Token