Reallocate License File

In the Reallocate License File step, you reallocate your Citrix license file after importing the license transfer token into the database. This step does not appear when your license configuration does not need reallocating.

Important: If you are using an IIS-based web server, activating your license may involve an IIS reset. Therefore, stop AppDNA clients before activating your license. An IIS reset makes any other web sites hosted by IIS on this server unavailable for a brief interval. An IIS reset terminates import and analysis sessions on running AppDNA clients connected to a web server that hosts both the AppDNA web site and database.

Activate now – Select this option to reallocate your license now. Then log on to to reallocate your license to the new AppDNA license server machine and download the new license file (see for instructions). To do this you must enter the name of the machine that hosts the new AppDNA license server.

  • License server machine name – This shows the name of the AppDNA license server machine. Click Copy to copy this to the clipboard for pasting into
  • Location of license file – Enter the name and location of the Citrix license file after you download it.

Important: If you purchased multiple Citrix products, make sure you download your AppDNA license(s) separately from the other product licenses.

I’ll do this later – Select this option to allocate the license file later. You may not be able to view reports until you reallocate the license.

Inspect imported licenses – Click this button to view details of the licenses you are importing. The information corresponds to that shown in the Inspect Licenses option.

Reallocate License File