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Web Site Configuration

You use the Web Site Configuration step in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard to change the AppDNA web site details.

The options are:

  • Web site name – This shows the name of the AppDNA web site. By default, this is AppDNA. Although it is possible to change this, Citrix recommends that you do this only with direction from Citrix AppDNA support.
  • Port – Enter the AppDNA web site port. The port defaults to 8199. You can change this to another port number, provided it is not a commonly used port (such as ports in the range 0 – 1023, or 3500). Citrix recommends that you change the port only if the default port is already in use.

Important: Changing the web site name or port (or both) does not automatically make corresponding changes to the references to the web site on any other machines on which the AppDNA client is installed. After making the changes in this wizard, update all client machines as described in Web site.


Web Site Configuration

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