Add an existing AppDNA database

This topic provides step-by-step instructions for adding an existing database to your AppDNA installation – for example, an old database that is located on a different SQL Server machine. The wizard will automatically upgrade the database if necessary and create a site that you can use to connect to the database within AppDNA.

  1. From the Windows Start screen or menu on the AppDNA server machine, choose Programs > Citrix AppDNA > Management Tools > Configure AppDNA.
  2. In the first step in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard, choose Reconfigure installation, and then click Next.
  3. In the Existing Configuration step, click Add existing database, and then click Next.
  4. In the Add Existing Database step, specify the details as follows:
    • SQL Server instance – Enter this as Machine\Instance, where Machine is the name of the machine that hosts the SQL Server installation and Instance is the SQL Server instance if a named instance is in use. If a named instance is not in use, omit the backslash (\).

    • Authentication – In this section you enter the credentials for connecting to the SQL Server database.

      Regardless which authentication method is in use, the user must have the bulkadmin server role and the db_owner database role.

      • Windows authentication – This type of authentication uses the logged on Windows user account when connecting to the database. The user account must have a password set.
      • SQL Server authentication – This activates two additional prompts in which you enter the user name and password.
  5. Click Connect to populate the Database name drop-down list with the AppDNA databases that exist on the specified SQL Server instance.
  6. Select the database that you want to add.
  7. Click Next to move to the System Check step.
  8. Click Next to start the process. If necessary, this upgrades the database to the current version of AppDNA.
  9. When the process has finished, the wizard provides a summary page. Note the name of the site. You need to select this in the Site drop-down list in the Logon screen to connect to this database.

To connect to the new database in AppDNA, when you logon to AppDNA select the site whose name you noted in step 9.

Note: If necessary, you can rename the site after you have logged into AppDNA. For more information, see Sites.

Add an existing AppDNA database