Add a site

You can configure AppDNA to connect to an additional site manually. The database must already exist. See Create an AppDNA database for information about creating a new database.

To add a site:

  1. From the AppDNA menus, choose Administration > Sites.

  2. In the upper part of the Manage Sites screen, click Retrieve Available Databases.

    This populates the Web Server Databases box with a list of available databases.

    If you cannot see the database in the list, you may need to add the database to your installation. (See Add an existing AppDNA database for more information about how to do this.)

  3. Click the database on which you want to base the new site, and click Add Selection to List.

    This creates a new site based on this database.

  4. Click the new site in the list of sites on the left side.

  5. Click in the fields on the right side and enter the details.

    • Name – The unique name of the site. Citrix recommends that the name of the site reflects its use.
    • Description – Enter additional descriptive information here.
    • AWS Path – The path to the web site files.
    • Database Identifier – The database identifier expressed as Machine\Instance:Database, where Machine is the name of the machine that hosts the SQL Server installation, Instance is the SQL Server instance if a named SQL Server instance is in use (omit this and the backslash character (\) if a named instance is not in use), and Database is the name of the database. If you created the new site using the Add Selection to List button, you do not need to change this.
    • URL – The URL of the AppDNA Web site.
    • Web server Type – Enter IIS.
  6. When you have finished, click Save to commit the changes.

You can define one site as the default site as described in Editing and Deleting Sites.

Add a site