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Licensing options

If you have an evaluation or trial license, when you start an analysis you can choose whether you want AppDNA to automatically apply licenses to applications or whether you want do this yourself manually later. Applying a license to an application enables you to see that application’s report views. Before that, these report views are unavailable or locked for the application. Applying a license to an application is therefore called unlocking the application.

If you have purchased a full license, AppDNA always unlocks the applications automatically up to your license limit and the licensing options do not appear in the Analysis screen.

When you are evaluating AppDNA, you typically import more applications than you have licenses for, and then use the EstateView and Effort Calculator to get an overview of the state of your application portfolio. (These provide a consolidated view of the state of all of the applications that have been analyzed for that report, regardless whether the applications are unlocked or not.) Typically you then unlock a few applications to get an understanding of the richness of the detailed information that AppDNA can provide about individual applications.

If you have an evaluation license, the Analysis screen provides the following licensing options:

  • Auto-unlock now. Select this option if you want AppDNA to automatically unlock the applications during the analysis process. AppDNA then unlocks the applications in the order in which they were imported – up to the license limit.
  • I will unlock the applications later. Select this option if you want to unlock the applications yourself later - for example, if you want to carefully choose which applications to unlock. You do this in the Apply Licenses screen.

Note: After your license limit is reached, AppDNA does not unlock any more applications automatically during analysis, regardless whether you have an evaluation or full license or which option you select here. However, you can manually unlock a few more applications (up to 10% of your total limit) in the Apply Licenses screen. This additional allowance is called the license reserve.


Licensing options

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