Hyper-V Host Details

In the Hyper-V Host Details step in the Virtual Machine Configuration Wizard, you enter the details required to connect to the Hyper-V server that hosts the virtual machine that you want to use for Install Capture.

Hostname / IP Address – Type the IP address or DNS name of the Hyper-V host server – for example: or server.domain.com. If Hyper-V is installed on the same machine on which you are running AppDNA, you can enter localhost.

Username – If Hyper-V is installed on a different machine from the one on which you are running AppDNA, type the Hyper-V user name. The user name must include the machine name, using the form machinename\user. If this is your domain account, enter your domain-qualified user name (for example, domain\user or user@mydomain.com). However, Citrix recommends that you use a dedicated Hyper-V user account whose password is set to never expire rather than your standard domain account. If Hyper-V is installed on the same machine that you are running AppDNA on, leave the user name blank. Your Windows user account will then be used.

This user account (whether explicitly specified or not) must be part of the Administrators or Hyper-V Administrators group on the Hyper-V server. Alternatively, the user must have been granted explicit Hyper-V permissions to control virtual machines. For information about how to do this, see MSDN.

Password – If you entered a user name, type the account password.

Important: If this password changes in the future, you will need to run this wizard again to enter the new password.

Test – Click to confirm that AppDNA can connect to the specified Hyper-V host server. If you do not click this button, the wizard performs this check when you click Next.

Hyper-V Host Details