Analyze for interoperability

The Interoperability solution enables you to assess the MSI applications to be included in the same image. Conflicts can occur between applications that install the same component (or different versions of the same component) when those applications are upgraded, uninstalled or repaired using the Windows installer. These problems arise because the components have different component IDs within the MSI package. This solution is suitable for testing desktop applications that are installed using a Windows installer (MSI) package only.

The Interoperability solution does not test for potential conflicts caused by installing applications, because in most cases the Windows installer automatically prevents these issues from occurring.

You should run the Interoperability solution after:

  • You import a new application

    Be sure to re-analyze all of the applications so you can see all possible conflicts. If you analyze only the new application, the report views show potential conflicts that the new application has with the other applications. However, they will not show potential conflicts that the existing applications have with the new application unless you re-analyze the entire portfolio.

  • You delete an application

The Interoperability solution produces the same report views that are provided for standard AppDNA reports.

To configure an Interoperability solution

  1. In the AppDNA side bar, click Solutions and then click Add solution.

  2. In the Solutions Templates page, select Interoperability and then click Next.

    The solution wizard opens.

  3. Identify the solution: In the Solution name page, type a Solution name and Description to be used in the solution report.

  4. Choose applications: In the Applications page, select the applications to analyze.

  5. To complete the solution:

    1. On the Summary page, click Build to save the solution.
    2. On the Progress page, click Analyze. When the analysis completes, choose report to view and then click Finish.

    To view the reports at any time: In the AppDNA side bar, click Solutions and then click the name of the solution.

To change the application list

  1. In the AppDNA side bar, click Solutions and then click Interoperability in the Solutions pane.
  2. In the Interoperability pane, click Edit beside the solution name.
  3. Click Next and then update the application list.
  4. After you complete your changes, click Build and then Analyze.