Capture an application

This topic describes how to use the Self-Provisioning client to capture an application.

  1. To start the Self-Provisioning client: From the Windows Start screen or menu, choose Citrix AppDNA > AppCapture.

  2. Enter or browse to the file provided by the administrator. The file might be named appcapture.desc or it may be a package with the file extension appcapture_pkg.

  3. To start the application capture process, click the green arrow.

    The Before Snapshot step opens a command window and displays progress messages.

  4. Optionally, edit the install command. Then, click the green arrow to start the installation.

  5. Typically you now need to manually install and configure the application.

  6. Depending on how the capture has been configured (specifically which execution profile is in use), a screen capture utility called ScrnCap might start. It will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. The utility takes a screen shot of all of the installation and configuration windows that you click. To add a comment to explain an installation or configuration step, click the Snap button.

    If the installation requires the computer to be restarted, choose the I will restart my computer later (or equivalent) option. The capture might not succeed if you restart the machine during the capture process.

    When the installation finishes, the wizard generates the MSI file for importing into AppDNA and might prompt you to specify an output file location.


The application capture output varies depending on the execution profile used. Typically it includes:

  • The generated MSI file

  • External source files

  • Log files

    For information about viewing the progress log, see Monitor Self-Provisioning.

  • Screenshots of the installation and configuration if ScrnCap is used

Where the output is stored depends on the name of the file:

  • If the file is named appcapture.desc, the Self-Provisioning client stores the output in the same location as this file.
  • If the file was a package with the file extension appcapture_pkg, the Self-Provisioning client creates an output file in the location you specified in the last step. This output file has a name of the form installer.exe.appcapture_pkg.result, where installer.exe is the name of the installation file. You must provide the output file to the AppDNA administrator for import into AppDNA.

Capture an application