Generate MSI

This topic provides step-by-step instructions for using the Stand-Alone Web Application Source to MSI Converter to generate an MSI from one or more folders containing web application source files.

Note: If you want to create an MSI that combines the output of the Stand-Alone Directed Spider with the web application source files, you need to combine the two types of files in one folder before following these steps.

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Citrix AppDNA > Web Application Source to MSI Converter.

  2. If necessary, click Configure on the toolbar to set the options you want to use.

    For information about these options and the options in the next step, see Stand-alone MSI Converter tool.

  3. Click Select, Search for Folders or Import List, to select the folders that contain the web application source files that you want to convert.

    This lists the selected folder(s) in the window.

  4. Select the folder(s) for which you want to create an MSI.

  5. Click Start to start the processing.

The MSI Generator shows whether the processing is successful in the Status column. Completed means that the processing finished successfully. If the processing is not successful, click the Refresh button to view the log. This provides information that you can use to attempt to understand the cause of the problem.


The output from the Stand-Alone Web Application Source to MSI Converter is located in the folder that is specified in the Configuration dialog box. The output for each application is stored in a separate folder, whose name is derived from the folder name and the date and time stamp.

You import the MSIs into AppDNA on the Web Direct Import tab in the Import Web Applications Screen. See Web Direct Import for more information.

Generate MSI