Web Direct Import

You use the Web Direct Import tab in the Import Web Applications Screen to import MSIs generated by using the stand-alone web capture tools.

To import web applications captured using the stand-alone web capture tools:

  1. Launch AppDNA.

  2. From the AppDNA side bar, choose Import & Analyze > Web Applications.

  3. In the Import Web Applications screen, click the Web Direct Import tab.

  4. Select the MSI files that you want to import.

    Click Browse on the toolbar to select individual files; click Search to recursively search a directory structure for files; or click Import List.

    After you have selected the files, AppDNA lists them on the screen.

  5. Select the web applications you want to import.

  6. On the toolbar, click Import to start loading the web application DNA into the AppDNA database.

After you click Import, a message shows the progress of the import. To view a log of the import process, click the Log icon to the right of the progress message. This shows the log information in a pop-up window.

Important: Although it is possible to import web application MSIs in the Import Applications screen, do not do this, because then AppDNA considers the web application to be a desktop application. Similarly, do not import desktop applications in the Import Web Applications screen.

Web Direct Import