Discovered application details

The Application Details dialog box provides detailed information about a selected discovered application. To open the Application Details dialog box, in the Discover Applications screen locate the discovered application whose details you want to view, and click its name.

The Application Details dialog box has three tabs:

Application – Shows the application’s name, manufacturer, version, and installation and package identifiers (called GUIDs). Differences in one or both of these GUIDs when all other details are the same can lead to what appears to be duplicate identical applications in the list of discovered applications. They appear to be identical because the GUIDs are not shown in the list.

Users – Lists the domain qualified username of all the users who have used the application recently, along with the date of last use. This is useful if, for example, you are having difficulty locating the application’s installer and want to contact the people who actually use the application.

Devices – Lists the names of the computers on which the application has been run, along with the date of last use.

Click OK to close the dialog box.

Discovered application details