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Matching algorithm

When searching for matches between discovered and managed applications, AppDNA compares the application name, manufacturer, and version, and awards points. The Discover Applications screen includes a Best Suggestion value that indicates whether there are any managed applications that are possible matches for the application and if so, how close the match is.

The points awarded are as follows.

Detail Full Match Partial Match
Name 50 points 25 + 1 point per word
Manufacturer 10 points 1 point per word
Version 10 points 1 point per word

AppDNA adds the points and assigns a confidence value to the match as follows:

Best Suggestion values Total Points
Perfect 70
Excellent More than 50
Good More than 45 (Partial match on name + full match on manufacturer AND version)
Average More than 35 (Partial match on name + full match on manufacturer OR version)
Poor More than 25
No Match Less than 25

Matching algorithm

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