Link discovered and managed applications

If you have imported Active Directory or Configuration Manager data into AppDNA, you can link discovered applications with the managed applications.

Note: After importing or changing the Active Directory and Configuration Manager data, click Refresh on the toolbar to see those changes in this screen.

  1. From the side bar, choose Import & Analyze > Discover Applications.

  2. In the Discover Applications screen, optionally, use the Best Suggestion column to exclude discovered applications for which there is not a match with a managed application:

    1. Select None from the drop-down list in the row immediately below the Best Suggestion column header.
    2. Click the A icon on the left of the drop-down list.
    3. Select Does not equal.

    This restricts the list of discovered applications to those for which there is a suggested match with a managed application.

  3. In the list of discovered applications, click the application that you want to link with a managed application.

    If AppDNA finds matching managed applications, it lists all of the installations for those applications. The same application can have multiple installations (for example, Per-system attended, Per-system unattended, Per-user attended, Per-user unattended, Per-system uninstall, and Per-user uninstall).

  4. To accept a match, select an installation. Make sure it is an appropriate type of installation and not an uninstall or repair command. If one of the installations with which you want to create the match has been imported, select it. (A check mark in the Imported column indicates the item has already been imported.)

    AppDNA then displays a check mark in the Managed column in the upper part of the window.

  5. Click Save on the toolbar.

Link discovered and managed applications