Importing Managed Applications

This topic provides step-by-step instructions for importing applications that are managed through Active Directory or ConfigMgr.

  1. From the AppDNA side bar, choose Import & Analyze > Managed Applications.

  2. On the Managed Applications screen, select the managed applications that you want to import.

    Make sure you select appropriate installations (and not repair or uninstall installations). When a package has several installations, make sure you select only one of them – preferably one that has been deployed (that is, for which the count in the Users or Computers column is greater than zero).

  3. Select the options on the toolbar that you require:

    • Execution Profile – Execution profiles are used for Install Capture imports only. The default execution profile is called Snapshot. For more information, see Install Capture Options.
    • Use direct MSI Import – Select this check box if you want MSI packages to be imported using Direct Import. This is recommended. Clear this check box to use Install Capture instead of direct MSI import for MSI packages. This is not recommended because direct MSI import is faster and less complicated than Install Capture. Non-MSI packages are always imported using Install Capture.

    For information about configuring your system for Install Capture, see Install Capture.

  4. On the toolbar, click Add to import list.

    This takes you to the Import Applications screen. The MSI packages that you selected for import are listed on the Direct Import tab. Any non-MSI packages that you selected for import are listed on the Install Capture tab.

  5. When you are ready to import the applications, on the toolbar click Import.

    For more information about the import process, see Direct import.

Importing Managed Applications