Link managed applications

Linking applications managed through Active Directory and Configuration Manager with applications that have already been imported into AppDNA is an important step in the configuration of Active Directory and Configuration Manager data. It enables AppDNA to create reports about the RAG status of the applications deployed to Active Directory and Configuration Manager users, computers, groups, and organizational units. Managed applications that you import through the Managed Applications and Discover Applications screens are automatically linked.

To link managed applications: Choose Configure > AD & ConfigMgr > Link Managed Applications.

By default, the left side of the Link Managed Applications screen lists the managed applications and the right side lists the applications that have already been imported into AppDNA. In addition, by default the left side is grouped by the Installation column. You may find it easier to understand this screen if you ungroup the list so that the managed applications are shown in a flat list. To do this, drag the Installation box to between the Package and Manufacturer column headings.

Ungroup image

If you subsequently want to re-group the list by the values in the Installation column, drag the Installation column header back to the yellow bar.

Important: When linking a managed application for which there are multiple installations, ignore any repair and uninstall installations, and link all of the other ones to the same imported application.

When you click an item, the lower part of the screen shows detailed information about that item.

Link managed applications