Configuration Manager settings

The Settings dialog box contains general AppDNA options. To open the Settings dialog box, choose Edit > Settings from the menus.

Use the ConfigMgr page in the Settings dialog box to enter the connection details for extracting data from System Center Configuration Manager.

The options are:

  • Server – Enter the Configuration Manager server hostname or IP address.

  • Site – Enter the Configuration Manager Site Code.

  • Username – Leave this blank to use the credentials of the logged on Windows user account or specify the user name to use to connect to the Configuration Manager server. Typically this is a domain-qualified user name of the form: domain\username.

    You must leave the Username and Password boxes blank if you are running the extraction on the Configuration Manager server.

  • Password – If you specified a user name above, enter its password here.

Click Test to check the connection details.

Click Save to preserve your changes.

Configuration Manager settings