Load Active Directory data

This topic provides step-by-step instructions for loading Active Directory (AD) data into AppDNA in one operation.

  1. From the AppDNA menus, choose Configure > AD & ConfigMgr > Load Data.

    This opens the Load AD & ConfigMgr Data wizard. By default, the wizard opens on the Load Type step. However if you have already opened the wizard since you last logged on to AppDNA, the wizard reopens where you previously left off. If necessary, click Previous to return to the Load Type step.

  2. In the Load Type step, select Active Directory (AD), and then click Next.

  3. If the Active Directory Connection Details step opens, enter the details as follows, and then click Next.

    Option Description
    Domain controller Enter the name of the Active Directory domain or leave blank to automatically use the domain to which your machine is connected. If you want to extract data from multiple domains (for example, all of the domains that belong to a forest), you need to run through the wizard for each domain.
    Username Leave blank to use the credentials of the logged on Windows user, or specify a user name to use to connect to Active Directory.
    Password If you entered a user name, specify its password here.

    This step only appears the first time you use the wizard to do a direct load of Active Directory data. If you subsequently need to change the details, click Previous to return to the Load Type step. Then choose Edit > Settings from the menus and change the details in Active Directory settings, before continuing.

  4. In the Organizational Units (OUs) step, select the OUs that you want to extract for loading into AppDNA. Typically you want to select the OUs to which applications have been deployed through AD, or that contain the users and devices to which applications have been deployed through Configuration Manager.

    By default, when you select an OU, the wizard automatically selects any sub-OUs. To change this behavior, clear the Automatically select nested OUs check box.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Check the details in the Summary step, and then click Next to start the operation.

    AppDNA displays information that provides an indication of the progress. Depending on the amount of data involved, this process can take a considerable amount of time (several hours, for example). During this time, it is safe to perform other tasks within AppDNA. However, do not exit AppDNA, or turn off your computer, or the AppDNA server computer, until the operation has completed.

  7. When the Progress step shows that the operation is complete, click Finish.

If you want to load data from another domain, repeat the above steps for the next domain.

Load Active Directory data