Load Configuration Manager data

This topic provides step-by-step instructions for loading System Center Configuration Manager data into AppDNA in one operation.

  1. From the AppDNA menus, choose Configure > AD & ConfigMgr > Load Data.

    This opens the Load AD & ConfigMgr Data wizard. By default, the wizard opens on the Load Type step. However if you have already opened the wizard since you last logged on to AppDNA, the wizard reopens where you previously left off. If necessary, click Previous to return to the Load Type step.

  2. In the Load Type step, select System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), and then click Next.

  3. If the ConfigMgr Connection Details step opens, enter the details as follows, and then click Next.

    Option Description
    Server Enter the Configuration Manager server hostname or IP address.
    Site Enter the Configuration Manager Site Code. If you want to extract data from multiple sites, you need to run through the wizard for each site.
    Username If you are running this tool on the Configuration Manager server, leave this blank. Otherwise, either leave this blank to use the credentials of the logged on Windows user or specify a user name to use to connect to the Configuration Manager server. Typically this is a domain-qualified user name of the form: domain\username.
    Password If you entered a user name, specify its password here.

    This step only appears the first time you use the wizard to do a direct load of Configuration Manager data. If you subsequently need to change the details, click Previous to return to the Load Type step. Then choose Edit > Settings from the menus and change the details in Configuration Manager settings, before continuing.

  4. In the Extraction Mode step, select one of the following options:

    Option Description
    Standard Select this option if you want to automatically extract all of the relevant Configuration Manager changes since the last data extraction.
    Advanced Select this option if you want to manually select the Configuration Manager packages and applications to extract. Use this option the first time data is extracted from a large Configuration Manager site – that is, a site that has a total of more than 5,000 packages and applications, and/or more than 50,000 users or computers. Then extract the applications and/or packages in batches of, for example, 1,000 applications and 1,000 packages.
  5. Click Next.

  6. If you chose the Advanced option, in the Advanced Selection step, select the packages, applications, or both packages and applications, that you want to extract for loading into AppDNA (see ConfigMgr Advanced Selection for more on this step). Citrix recommends that you select no more than a total of 2,000 applications and packages. Then click Next.

    (This step does not appear if you chose Standard in the Extraction Mode step.)

  7. Check the details in the Summary step, and then click Next to start the operation.

    AppDNA displays information that provides an indication of the progress. Depending on the amount of data involved, this process can take a considerable amount of time (several hours, for example). During this time, it is safe to perform other tasks within AppDNA. However, do not exit AppDNA, or turn off your computer, or the AppDNA server computer, until the operation has completed.

  8. When the Progress step shows that the operation is complete, click Finish.

If you want to load data from another Configuration Manager site, repeat the above steps for the next site.

Load Configuration Manager data