AppDNA integrates with the Citrix licensing system. All new AppDNA licenses are issued through However, if you are familiar with the Citrix licensing system, you will notice that there are some important differences between how you work with AppDNA licenses compared to how you work with the licenses for other Citrix products.

This topic provides an overview of the key features of AppDNA licensing, how it differs from the licensing of other Citrix products, and compatibility with earlier versions of AppDNA. This is followed by links to topics that provide more detailed information.

Key features of AppDNA licensing

  • Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp Platinum retail licenses provide access to all AppDNA features. Platinum evaluation, demo, and not for resale licenses are not supported for activation.
  • AppDNA licenses are applied to the AppDNA database. This means that if you have multiple AppDNA databases, each one is licensed separately.
  • AppDNA licenses are tied to the machine on which the AppDNA licensing service is installed. (This is normally the machine on which the AppDNA server is installed.) If you move the AppDNA licensing service from one machine to another, you need to transfer the licenses for your AppDNA database.

Key differences with the licensing of other Citrix products

  • You administer AppDNA licenses through and the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard.
  • The number of AppDNA licenses that are available and purchased relate to the number of applications and not the number of users. AppDNA licensing does not restrict the number of users that can use AppDNA. A Platinum XenApp and XenDesktop license makes AppDNA available for import, analysis and reporting of an unlimited number of applications.
  • Internally AppDNA licensing is handled by the AppDNA licensing service rather than the Citrix license server. This means that you do not need to separately install the Citrix licensing components.
  • Although it is possible to import AppDNA license files to the Citrix License Administration Console, this does not affect the licensing of AppDNA. Similarly, you do not administer AppDNA license files through the Citrix License Administration Console.
  • For AppDNA Standard and Enterprise editions: Always download your AppDNA licenses separately from the licenses for other Citrix products.

Compatibility with earlier versions of AppDNA

  • When you upgrade to the latest AppDNA release from AppDNA 6.0 or earlier, your old licenses are automatically upgraded to work with the Citrix licensing scheme when you upgrade your database.
  • License files issued for AppDNA 6.0 and earlier (these have a .clf filename extension) cannot be used to directly activate AppDNA. When necessary, customers who have valid .clf license files can log on to and download new Citrix licenses that match their existing entitlements.
  • AppDNA licenses issued through do not restrict the ability to install the AppDNA licensing service on a virtual machine. However, evaluation versions of AppDNA downloaded from cannot be installed on a virtual machine.
  • In all new installations, the AppDNA licensing service is installed on the same machine as the AppDNA server. However, AppDNA supports existing installations where the AppDNA licensing service is installed on a separate machine from the AppDNA server.
  • Licenses issued through are not compatible with AppDNA 6.0 and earlier.