Connect to the AppDNA server

The SDK provides client-side access to the AppDNA server. The first step in using the SDK is to establish a connection to the server. A connection to the AppDNA server is maintained by a Server object. The Server object is obtained by calling Server.Connect;

There are two overloads for Connect:

  1. The first overload connects to the server and database established during a default AppDNA installation:

    using AppDNA = Citrix.SDK.AppDNA;
    private void Connect(string username, string password)
       //Connect to the default database on this machine.
       AppDNA.Server appdna = AppDNA.Server.Connect(Environment.MachineName, username, password);
  2. The second overload lets you connect to a specific server instance and/or database:

    AppDNA.Server appdna = AppDNA.Server.Connect( new Uri("http://SomeServer/CustomAppDNASite"),
    "SomeServer\SQLServer:AppDNADB2", username, password );
Parameter Description
URI This is the address at which the Internet Information Server hosts the AppDNA web services.
database identifier The database identifier follows the form: SQLServerMachineName[\SQLInstanceName]:DatabaseName. For a list of database identifiers the AppDNA server is configured for, browse to the URL of the server in a web browser.

After obtaining a Server object, you can use it to interact with the AppDNA data.

Connect to the AppDNA server