Forward Path Script

Windows Script Host Error: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password Code 8007052E

This error indicates that the virtual machine does not have access to a file path passed in the Forward Path script – typically in the $(App:InstallWrkDir) replaceable.

Installation of managed application fails

When using Forward Path to run Install Capture tasks on managed applications imported from Active Directory or ConfigMgr, the installation does not start if the path to the installation media is no longer valid. For example, this can happen if you have linked the managed applications to applications already imported into AppDNA from another location.

The solution is to re-map the path to the installation in the task script as follows:

Dim ImportedSourcePath As String = controller.Application.SourcePath
Dim WantedSourcePath As String = ImportedSourcePath.Replace
    ("\\Server\Share\Folder", "\\NewServer\NewShare\NewFolder")
controller.Application.SourcePath = WantedSourcePath
controller.Application.InstallCommand =
    controller.Application.InstallCommand.Replace ("\\Server\Share\Folder",