Product Documentation

Fixed issues

Nov 28, 2017
  • Auto-configured snapshots for vSphere and Hyper-V are not displayed and highlighted in lists as expected. [#APPDNA-150]
  • During analysis, the External Data action status (Red, Amber, Green flag) that is applied to the application is the last one to be detected. AppDNA should show the action status with the highest security. [#APPDNA-1592]
  • It is not possible to clear AutoLogin for non-integrated Login users. [#APPDNA-1697]
  • The system check (free disk space) is not accurate during the upgrade pre-check. The free disk space check looks at the disk where the product is installed to ensure that there is 20 GB of free space. However, on upgrade, AppDNA may require 30 GB or more on the drive where SQL server stores its log files. Before starting the upgrade, ensure that there is at least 50 GB free space available for SQL server to write its transaction log files. [#APPDNA-1704]
  • Install Capture does not work for custom installers which must find configuration files along side the installer. [#APPDNA-1713]
  • CEIP data collection with a virtualized AppDNA client causes AppDNA to raise an error message on startup, and an unhandled exception on shutdown. [#APPDNA-1761]
  • External data is duplicated for every analysis. [#APPDNA-1765]