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Fixed issues

  • The ‘name’ column filter on Application Actions reports does not work when filtering for a name that ‘contains’ any value. [AppDNA-1784]

  • Adding a new AppDNA database fails when the database is configured for SSL. [AppDNA-1767]

  • Upgrade fails when AppDNA is configured to use SSL. When the AppDNA web site is configured for HTTPS with an SSL certificate, the upgrade fails at the Installing Frameworks stage with the message “413 Request entity too large” [AppDNA-1766]

  • App-V algorithm VFILE_001 analysis performance degrades with portfolio size, even when analyzing a single application. [AppDNA-1786]

  • No response when you click Edit or Edit Application for PIA solution right click menu. [AppDNA-1780]

  • An unhandled exception occurs when a user without permissions to use groups clicks ‘select by group’ in the groups management page. [AppDNA-1779]

  • The analyzed date tooltips are not displayed completely in Application properties > Attributes tab. [AppDNA-1775]

  • “Application cannot be started” error when installing AppDNA client from Web Client. [AppDNA-1773]

  • Merged remediation reports should show the merged remediation report for the dependency app on click through. [AppDNA-546]

  • Login screen displays error and normal reports are not available when a user has no permissions to view or administer solutions. [AppDNA-497]

  • A user with the built-in AppDNA role “user” should not be allowed to administer, edit, or create solutions. [AppDNA-172]

  • Dependent apps are shown twice in merged remediation reports if they are not analyzed for all the merged modules. [AppDNA-37]


Fixed issues

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