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Deploy HDX RealTime Media Engine to Windows devices

Dec 22, 2014
Citrix HDX RealTime Connector requires the installation of the HDX RealTime Media Engine on the host terminal device. This topic describes the steps for deploying HDX RealTime Media Engine to thin client terminals running Windows operating systems.

You can deploy HDX RealTime Media Engine to your users' Windows devices either with or without the use of Merchandising Server. This topic describes both methods of deployment.


Before deploying HDX RealTime Media Engine to a Windows client device:

  • Ensure that Citrix Receiver is installed on the user device and is able to connect through XenDesktop or to XenApp.
  • If the device is using RAM disk, increase it to its maximum size.

To maximize RAM disk space

  1. Log on to the device as a local administrator.
    • If there is a red ball (labeled FBWF) in the Windows notification area, skip to the next step. The write filter is disabled.
    • If there is a the green ball in the Windows notification area, click the green ball and choose DISABLE so that the ball turns red.
  2. Restart your device and log on as a local administrator.
  3. Open Control Panel > Ramdisk.
  4. In the Ramdisk Configuration dialog box, increase the size of the RAM disk to the maximum amount.
  5. Restart your device and Microsoft Lync if you are running it as a published application.
Important: When upgrading Citrix Receiver for Windows, the Lync Optimization Pack must be uninstalled first and then reinstalled after upgrading Citrix Receiver. Refer to CTX200340 for additional details.

Deploying HDX RealTime Media Engine through Merchandising Server

Citrix supplies a metadata file, CitrixHDXRealTimeMediaEngineMetadata.xml, so you can deploy Media Engine to your users from Citrix Merchandising Server. CitrixHDXRealTimeMediaEngineMetadata.xml identifies the terminal plug-in as Citrix HDX Real Time Media Engine.msi. To configure Merchandising Server for deployment of the Media Engine to a group of terminals, navigate to the location of these two files and select them as the metadata file and plug-in.

Deploying HDX RealTime Media Engine without Merchandising Server

After ensuring system requirements and prerequisites are met, you can deploy the media engine to your users through Citrix Merchandising Server or by making the installer available from a flash drive, web page, or network drive.

To install HDX RealTime Media Engine without the use of Merchandising Server

  1. Log on to the terminal or computer as a local administrator.
  2. Run Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine.msi. After accepting the terms of use, the installer runs silently.
  3. Install a web camera on the device, following manufacturer’s installation instructions.