Product Documentation

Fixed issues

Aug 14, 2017
  • When using the unsupported combination of RealTime Media Engine version on a Windows, Linux, or Mac endpoint that is greater than the RealTime Connector version on the server, the RealTime Optimization Pack might take longer before going into fallback mode.


  • In multiparty conferences where some participants support only the real time video codec (for example, Lync 2010 or Lync for Mac), other participants might sometimes see a black rectangle instead of the incoming view


  • An Optimization Pack user having a UVC compatible camera starts a Meet Now call and starts video. An iPad user running Skype for Business who receives the call might not see the video.


  • Video from Windows 7 using hardware encoding might cause slow frame rates on thin clients that receive the video.


  • Maximizing the video window on low-end clients increases CPU usage, which might cause audio problems. 


  • The Plantronics Savi 7xx base buttons might not answer or hang up calls.

    [#LOP-2213, #LOP-2334]
  • On team calls with Simultaneous Ringing set, a call disconnect might occur when someone else picks up the call. If you observe this issue, supply log files to Citrix Technical Support.


  • When you establish a Skype for Business video call, the preview or self-view video might become unresponsive.


  • An interoperability issue with Cisco VCS gateways was observed when encryption is forced on, resulting in a black video region.


  • A runtime error can occur when reconnecting to session with the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack enabled.


  • Intermittent call disconnections were observed with some combinations of Cisco Video Communication Server (VCS) gateway, ISP provided Network Address Translation (NAT), and Microsoft Edge Server. If you observe this issue, supply log files to Citrix Technical Support.


  • With HDX RealTime Optimization Pack installed, disconnecting and reconnecting a headset while a Skype call is on hold might result in one-way audio after the call resumes.


  • With HDX RealTime Optimization Pack installed on a MacBook Pro (2016), adding video to an existing conference call might disconnect you from the conference call.


  • Call control buttons on headsets might not work as expected.


  • A call between HDX RealTime Optimization Pack and Skype for Business might fail with a 488 error response generated by the non-published Skype for Business application.