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Diagnosing Checkout Problems (lmdiag)

Apr 11, 2010

lmdiag allows you to diagnose problems when a product cannot check out a license. In particular, you can test if your licenses are valid and if the license server is running. When you run this utility, it attempts to check out a license.

You can also use the lmdiag utility to see if a specific type of license is working. For instance, you can run lmdiag on your Citrix XenApp server (formerly known as Citrix Presentation Server), Advanced edition licenses only by specifying MPS_ADV_CCU as an argument.


lmdiag -c license_file_list [-n] [feature[:keyword=value]]
Argument Description

-c license_file_list

Diagnoses the specified files. You can also use:-c @localhost or -c @server-name
-n Runs in non-interactive mode; lmdiag does not prompt for any input in this mode.
feature Limits the feedback to the specified feature.
keyword=value If a license file contains multiple lines for a particular feature, the result is limited to the line containing the text value. For example:
lmdiag –c @localhost MPS_ENT_CCU:HOSTID=LICSERV01

attempts a checkout on the line with the host ID “LICSERV01.”

Keyword is one of the following: VERSION, HOSTID, EXPDATE, KEY, VENDOR_STRING, ISSUER

If no feature is specified, lmdiag operates on all features in the license files in your list. lmdiag displays information about the license, then attempts to check out each license. If the check out succeeds, lmdiag indicates success. If the check out fails, lmdiag gives you the reason for the failure. lmdiag attempts to connect to each TCP/IP port on the license server. It detects if the port number in the license file is incorrect. lmdiag lists each TCP/IP port number that is listening, and if -c license_file_list is specified, diagnoses the specified files.

lmdiag does not contact the computer running the Citrix product when it attempts to check out licenses. lmdiag indicates only if there are problems on the license server. That is, your product cannot check out licenses because it is pointing to the wrong license server (for example, a license server that does not have licenses for that product on it), but lmdiag does not detect this problem. lmdiag reports that it can check out licenses when the Citrix product is pointing to the wrong license server.