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Displaying or Releasing Licenses for Users or Devices (udadmin)

Jan 14, 2013

udadmin displays the licensed users and devices and releases licenses for specified users and devices.

You can release a license for a user only when the employee is no longer associated with the company or is on an extended leave of absence. You can release licenses for devices only when the devices are out of service.

The udadmin command line help displays usage information only in English, but you can use the command on non-English systems.

Important: udadmin applies to User/Device licenses only and cannot be used remotely; local access to HTTP port 80 is required.


udadmin [-options] [-delete | -list ]  
Options Description
-f featurename When used with -list or -delete, displays or releases the license for only the user or device for the specified featurename.
-user username Releases the license for only the user specified by the username.
-device devicename Releases the license for only the device specified by the devicename.
-a Lists all features and versions installed on the license server.
Argument Description
-delete Releases the license for one user, feature, or device at a time.
-list Displays the users and devices with licenses and the time since the last update. The time to the next update appears if significant activity occurred within 15 minutes of the last report.
no argument or ? Displays usage information for the udadmin command.


  • udadmin -list

    Displays all the users and devices.

  • udadmin -list -a

    Lists all features, versions, counts of licenses, and the users and devices for each feature.

  • udadmin -f XDT_ENT_UD -user u8.08 -delete

    Releases one user from one feature.

  • udadmin -f XDT_ENT_UD -device dn01.88 -delete

    Releases one device from one feature.