Product Documentation

Rereading License and Options Files (lmreread)

Jan 21, 2011

The lmreread utility causes the Citrix vendor daemon to reread changes to the license file and the options file. After rereading, the Citrix vendor daemon uses the new settings and/or licenses going forward.

lmreread cannot be used remotely; run it locally on the license server.


lmreread -c license_file_list [-all] [-vendor CITRIX]
Argument Description

-c @localhost  
-c license_file_list

Use the specified license files.
-all If more than one lmgrd is specified, instructs all License Manager daemons to reread.
-vendor CITRIX Specifies for the Citrix vendor daemon to be restarted.


  • lmreread -c @localhost [-all]
  • lmreread -c @clustername
  • lmreread -c C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\CITRIX.lic -vendor CITRIX