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Determining Licensing Status (lmstat)

Feb 25, 2010
The lmstat utility helps you monitor the status of all network licensing activities and provides you with information about license check outs, including:
  • The product that checked out one or more licenses
  • The check out data
  • The version of the license file
  • The license server name and port
  • The date the license was checked out
  • Information about the Citrix vendor daemon status and the license files

lmstat displays information that it receives from the license server. lmstat displays only one use of the license, even if there are multiple connections sharing that license.


lmstat [-a] [-c license_file_list] [-f [feature]] [-i [feature] [-s[server] [-S [CITRIX]] [-t timeout_value]
Argument Description
-a Displays all information.
-c @localhost or -c@server or -c license_file_list Uses the specified license files.
-f [feature] Displays the products using a feature (product license). If feature is not specified, usage information for all features is displayed.
-i [feature] Displays information from the INCREMENT line for the specified feature (product license) or all features if feature is not specified.
-s [server] Displays status of all license files listed on the license server or on all license servers, if server is not specified.
-S [CITRIX] Lists all product servers using the features (product licenses) served by the Citrix vendor daemon.
-t timeout_value Sets connection time-out to timeout_value. This limits the amount of time lmstat spends attempting to connect to the license server.
The output of lmstat -c@localhost -a looks similar to:
License server status: 27000@license_server1 
License files on license_server1: C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\citrix_startup.lic:  
C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\citrixlic_20031001094430.lic:  
license_server1: license server UP (MASTER) v9.2  
Vendor daemon status (on license_server1):  
CITRIX: UP v9.2  
Feature usage info:  
   Users of CITRIX: (Total of 5000 licenses issued; Total of 1 license in use)  
     "CITRIX" v2002.0101, vendor: CITRIX  
     floating license  
       MPS mps_server1 MPS MPS_ENT_2004.0227 (v1.0)  
       (license_server1/27000 101), start Tue 3/16 16:59  
   Users of MPS_ENT_CCU: (Total of 30 licenses issued; Total of 1 license in use)  
     "MPS_ENT_CCU" v2004.1201, vendor: CITRIX  
     floating license  
     MPS mps_server1 MPS 25fb337e:MPSCLIENT  
     (v2004.0227) (license_server1/27000 203), start  
     Wed 3/17 11:56
The following represents a breakdown of the information contained in the MPS_ENT_CCU line of the lmstat output:
MPS citrix_product_name The name of the Citrix product that has the license checked out.
mps_server1 hostname Computer where the Citrix product is running.
MPS display

The name of the Citrix product that has the license checked out.

license_server1 server_host Computer where the license server is running.
27000 port TCP/IP port where the license server is running.
203 handle License handle. The license handle is a number used to identify a specific checked out license.
start Wed 3/17 11:56 checkout_time Time that this license was first checked out.
Note: lmstat -c@localhost -a can potentially generate a lot of network activity in systems with many product licenses checked out.

You can use lmstat -a to verify license check out data.