Product Documentation

Stopping Daemons (lmdown)

Jan 10, 2012

The lmdown utility shuts down the License Manager daemon and the Citrix vendor daemon on your license server or all license servers on your network but is disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. Stop the license service.
  2. Run lmadmin - allowStopServer and/or -allowRemoteStop Server.
  3. Restart the license server.


lmdown -c license_file_list [-vendor CITRIX] [-q] [-all]
Argument Description

-c @localhost  
-c license_file_list

Use the specified license files. Note that specifying -c license_file_list is always recommended with lmdown. You can also use:-c @localhostor -c @server-name
-vendor CITRIX Shut down only the Citrix vendor daemon. The License Manager daemon continues to run.
-q Do not prompt or print a header. Otherwise lmdown asks “Are you sure? [y/n]: .”
-all If multiple servers are specified, automatically shuts down all of them. -q is implied with -all.

The lmdown utility must be run on a license server. You can use -all to shut down all of the license servers on your network.

If lmdown encounters more than one server (for example if -c specifies a directory with many *.lic files) and -all is not specified, the utility displays a choice of license servers to shut down. You can shut down remote license servers by using -c and specifying the name of the license server.

Note: If you use the Task Manager to terminate the License Manager daemon (Citrix Licensing Service), stop the lmgrd process first, then stop the Citrix vendor daemon process.

To stop and restart the Citrix vendor daemon only, use lmdown -c @localhost -vendor CITRIX, then use lmreread -c @localhost -vendor CITRIX to restart the vendor daemon.