Product Documentation

Installing Licensing on A Clustered-Enabled Server

Mar 13, 2013

The following drive letters and paths/variables are used in this procedure:

  • D is the drive for your product media (in this example, Citrix XenApp).
  • C is the local hard drive on the specified node.
  • F is the cluster shared drive resource. (This is the installation drive. That is, the place where installation files used by both nodes are stored.)
  • CTX_CLUSTER_RESOURCE_DLL_PATH is the location where the cluster resource DLL executable is stored. Store this file locally on each cluster node. Use this msiexec argument only for clustering.
  • REGISTER_CTX_LS_CLUSTERING is either "no" for cluster node 1 or "yes" for cluster node 2. Use this msiexec argument only for clustering.
  1. Ensure that the cluster IP address, cluster name, and a shared disk are configured as cluster resources and that all the cluster resources are owned by the first node of the cluster.
  2. Open and run the command prompt as an administrator. In the first node of the cluster, run the following:
    msiexec /i D:\Licensing\ctx_licensing.msi 
    REGISTER_CTX_LS_CLUSTERING="No" /l*v "C:\install.log"
  3. In the setup wizard accept the license agreement.
  4. On the page where you specify the destination folder, set the drive letter to correspond with the cluster shared drive. By default, the licensing components are installed in F:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing.
  5. On the License Server Configuration page, accept the default port numbers or, if the numbers are already in use, enter alternate numbers. If needed, you can modify port numbers after the installation through the License Administration Console.
  6. Using the Cluster Administrator, make the second node in the cluster active.
  7. In node 2 of the cluster, open and run the command prompt as an administrator. Run the following (For node 2, you will be typing Yes to register the clustering service):
    msiexec /i D:\Licensing\ctx_licensing.msi 
    REGISTER_CTX_LS_CLUSTERING=“Yes” /l*v “C:\install.log”

    Note that in this step REGISTER_CTX_LS_CLUSTERING is changed to Yes.

  8. Repeat Steps 3 to 5.
  9. Import your license files using the console.
    1. Open the License Administration Console from http://clustername:web service port, where clustername is the name of the cluster and web service port is the port number for the console Web server (8082 by default).
    2. Click Administration and choose the Vendor Daemon Configuration tab.
    3. Click Import License.
    4. Click the My Account link.
    5. On the My Account page, enter your user ID and password.
    6. Select All Licensing Tools.
    7. From the main menu, select Allocate.
    8. Follow the process to allocate and generate your file. Select the licenses you want to download, click Download and save generated license files to the shared drive of the cluster: F:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\.
    9. In the License Administration Console on the Import License File page, browse to the license file.
    10. Select Overwrite License File on License Server.
    11. Click Import License.
  10. Reread the license files.
    1. Choose the Vendor Daemon Configuration tab.
    2. Click Administer in the CITRIX vendor daemon line.
    3. Click Reread License Files.