Product Documentation

Troubleshooting Cluster-Enabled License Servers

Mar 12, 2010
Note: If any of the licensing services fail to start, the cluster detects that licensing is offline and attempts to restart the service three times (by default). If these attempts are unsuccessful, fail-over to the next node is initiated and the cluster attempts to start the services on the second node. If the attempts fail on the second server, the process may enter into an infinite loop. In this case, the computers running Citrix products fall into the grace period. During the grace period, client connections are not affected.

When troubleshooting a cluster-enabled license server, try the following:

  • If you move the resources to the other node, do you still see the issue?
  • Does your license file have the cluster HOSTNAME in uppercase? The cluster hostname is always uppercase.
  • For Windows Server 2003:
    1. In the Cluster Administrator, under the cluster name, expand Cluster Configuration > Resource Types.
    2. Verify that ctxlsclustres is a valid resource type (appears in green).
  • For Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2:
    1. In the Failover Cluster Management window, from the left pane, select the cluster. In the middle pane, the summary information for the cluster appears.
    2. Click the Cluster Core Resources title to expand the section.
    3. Verify that the cluster resources are all online (green arrow).