Product Documentation

Overview of the clustering process

Mar 13, 2013
The following steps describe the overall process involved in installing and configuring licensing on a cluster-enabled server. These steps assume you configured the clustering on the hardware on which you intend to install the license server.
  1. Ensure that the first node has control of the cluster resources.
  2. On the first node of the cluster, start the Citrix Licensing installation from the command-line and install it on the first node to the shared cluster drive (not the quorum drive).
  3. Move the resources from the active node in the cluster to the second node.
  4. Install the license server on the second node to the same shared location as the first node.
  5. Obtain license files that specify the cluster name of the license server as the host name. After obtaining license files, you must add them to the license server and then reread them.
  6. Configure your Citrix product to use the cluster name—not the node name—of the license server cluster.
Note: When a clustered license server fails over, the cluster service renames the lmgrd_debug.log to the name of the node that previously hosted the services. Then it starts the services on the new active node and creates a new lmgrd_debug.log.