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Mar 16, 2015

Citrix recommends that you upgrade the license server to the latest version when you upgrade or install new Citrix products. New license servers are backward compatible and work with older products and license files. New products often require the newest license server to check out licenses correctly.

Licensing your product includes the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have the latest license server version
  2. Verify system requirements
  3. Install licensing
  4. Obtain license files from My Account
  5. Install your Citrix product (or, if already installed, restart the Citrix products for the new licenses to be recognized)
  6. Configure product-side licensing communication settings that were not set during product installation, if applicable. This includes setting the correct product-edition in the product. Details about these settings are covered in the product documentation.

    Ensure that the product-side edition setting correctly matches the licenses you have purchased. For example, if you purchased Platinum edition licenses, ensure that the edition setting in the product indicates Platinum—not Enterprise or any other edition.

See Architectural Overview for an overview of the licensing components and process.