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License files

Mar 16, 2015

When you install the license server, a startup license and an options file are installed automatically. To license your Citrix products you add one or more license files. See Obtain your license files for information about adding your product licenses.

You cannot change the location of license files on the license server. License files must reside in their default location.

Startup license file
The startup license file (citrix_startup.lic) is a text file that is used by Citrix products to communicate with the license server using a continuous open connection. Every five minutes the license server and the product send a heartbeat message to each other to verify that they are mutually communicating. If the product and the license server have been exchanging heartbeat messages but there is an interruption in the exchange (for example, there is a power failure), the product goes into a grace period. The startup license does not affect your license count. Do not edit this file.
Note: Some Citrix products can operate in a disconnected mode (not connected to the server). These products allow a user to check out a license and operate the product for a preconfigured period of time that is set by the administrator. In this case, heartbeat messages are not exchanged. One example of disconnected mode is when a user checks out a Password Manager license for a laptop, and then uses the laptop when it is not connected to the server.

You can control different aspects of your licensing operations and environment by customizing the license file.

License file

The license file is a text file that contains product licensing information as well as the license server name (or other binding identifier), the Subscription Advantage membership renewal date (also known as the Subscription Advantage Expiration date), the license expiration date (if applicable), and other system information. All of this information is encrypted with a digital signature. When you purchase a Citrix product, you go to the Web site to download a license file. You can have more than one license file per license server. The license file resides in the C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles directory on a 32-bit server and the C:\Program Files(x86)\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles directory on a 64-bit server. The license server uses this file(s) to determine whether or not to grant a license to a Citrix product.

Move license files to a different host

If you need to move your license files to a server with a different hostname or Ethernet address, you cannot use the license files that you downloaded for the old license server. Create new license files that reference the new server name by reallocating them.

See Reallocate license files for more information.