Product Documentation

Change your console password

Nov 19, 2014

You can change your License Administration Console password at any time.

Note: The Windows license server does not support changing Active Directory user and local Windows user passwords. Active Directory users and local Windows users can change their passwords using their native operating systems. On Windows, if you login as a Locally Managed User and then login, you will see the "Change Password" link at the bottom right corner. But, if you login as a Windows Active Directory user/admin, you will not get the change password link as you cannot change passwords for AD users. On License Server VPX, you will always have the "Change Password" link at the bottom right corner as it does not support AD users.
  1. In the bottom right corner of the console, click Change Password. If you do not see the link, it is because you are in the Dashboard area and you are not required to enter your credentials. Clicking the Administration option will cause the link to appear.
  2. Type your old password.
  3. Type to enter and confirm your new password.

If you forget your password, contact the console administrator to assign you a new one.