Product Documentation


Mar 16, 2015

The License Administration Console lets you manage and monitor your Citrix licenses through a Web browser.

Use the Dashboard to:

Use the Administration area to:

Toggle between the Dashboard and Administration views from links in the top right area of the console. Access to the Administration area requires administration privileges and is password-protected.

Open the console on a Windows computer

To open the License Administration Console on the computer on which it is installed:

From the Start menu, select All Programs > Citrix > License Administration Console.

Open the console on a remote server or cluster

Navigate your browser to one of the following URL options:

  • http://license server name:web service port
  • http://client access point name:web service port
  • http://IP:web service port


  • license server name is the name of your license server
  • client access point name is the name given to the client access point during cluster configuration
  • IP is the IP address of the license server
  • web service port is the port number for the console's Web service

The default Web service port for the console is 8082.